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Transient Analysis and Design Using HAMMER (Base Release)

This transient analysis training teaches the student how to understand the causes of hydraulic transients and water hammer, and learn how to protect systems against them. Through this course, you will gain the knowledge necessary to recognize the types of systems prone to transients and to proactively manage the associated risks. Hands-on exercises and real-world examples will enrich your learning experience with a convenient balance of strong transient flow theory and the application of a robust software tool. Live training courses are very interactive. Students will continually engage with the instructor to ensure a successful learning outcome that includes a course assessment.

Skills Taught

  • After this course you will be able to:

  • Identify critical points in a network that require surge protection

  • Avoid costly pipe breaks and service interruptions

  • Reduce wear and tear on infrastructure

  • Map the risk of contamination due to short-lived low pressures

  • Correlate break records to transient results

  • Plan maintenance on reservoirs and tanks

Course Prerequisites

A basic familiarity with transient modeling is helpful.

Course Material Language


Meet your trainer

Eng.Muhannad Shaweesh


16 hours

Muhannad have 15 years extensive consultancy in H&H and GIS experience that’s make him able to help the people absorbs the technology and get the max of the technology to achieve their goals in the water Infrastructure.

The experience accumulated from two integrated Platform “H&H and GIS” in many projects has provided me with the ability to promote and implement industry best practices on key topics such as management of aging infrastructure, non revenue water reduction, waste water management and energy efficiency and Water and Waste Water Deigns.

On my current role I strongly contributed for planning and execution with great success of Bentley’s water sales plans for MEA. I frequently served as Bentley‘s spokesman for water technology in this region. I worked directly with some of the largest Owner/Operators and Consultants in MEA aiming for water excellence but also with small and medium organizations on their way there.

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