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Current training courses provided by Modeling Experts:

This class presents information on hydraulics and hydrology as they apply to the design of storm sewer systems and culverts, as well as instruction on applying the software for storm sewer hydraulic design and analysis. The software uses peak flow rational method hydrology with gradually varied flow hydraulics.

Basic Storm Sewer Design and Modeling in StormCAD, CivilStorm and SewerGEMS,modelingexperts

This training class includes discussions and hands-on workshops on collection system hydraulics, new system design, master planning, capacity analysis, and rehabilitation, for wastewater collection systems.

SewerGEMS/SewerCAD, Sewer System Modeling,modelingexperts

This class begins with the basics of hydraulics theory as it applies to water distribution modeling, then takes students through more advanced topics such as: working with multiple scenarios and alternatives; model calibration; pump selection; energy and cost studies; extended-period simulation; fire flow analysis; identifying critical links or shortfalls within a water system; and finally pipe renewal planning.

Water Distribution Design and Modeling Fundamentals,modelingexperts

This transient analysis training teaches the student how to understand the causes of hydraulic transients and water hammer, and learn how to protect systems against them.


Through this course, you will gain the knowledge necessary to recognize the types of systems prone to transients and to proactively manage the associated risks.

Transient Analysis and Design Using HAMMER (Base Release),modelingexperts

This Course is designed to give civil and structural engineers the technical knowledge and hands on experience on the most widely used Structural Engineering and design software, the candidate will be exposed to powerful analysis and designing abilities that can be used by structural engineering consultancies around the world.

Transient Analysis and Design Using HAMMER (Base Release),modelingexperts
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