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Modeling Experts offers variety of products pertaining industry sectors.

Being an authorized Bentley reseller, we provide with pride world's leading innovative and cost effective solutions.

Everyone has a unique learning style, schedule, and budget. That's why we've developed a variety of instructor-led courses offered in both classroom and online formats. Modeling Experts can also work with your team to create customized training courses to suit your organization's individual needs. Our instructor-led courses have been developed specifically to help professionals in make optimum use of your software.

By modeling your system we will gain a full understanding of its hydraulic behaviour. We will use your model as a tool to plan infrastructure improvements, develop operational maintenance strategies and proactively manage your system.


A hydraulic model is a mathematical model of a water/sewer/storm system and is used to analyse the system's hydraulic behaviour. 

Our main goal is to help publish in-house, or open geospatial data for organizations and provide the ability and accessibility for searching, sharing, and access to everyone, but with an innovative, and cost-effective solutions.


Modeling Experts is professional GIS consultant in geospatial data management, including data modeling conversion, migration, and web publishing.

Integrate multiple data and document management systems for more effective geospatial data discovery.

A simple, integrated data experience. Modeling Experts  can integrate your information systems - geoscience, GIS, Hydraulic, Hydrology and document management - and customize a delivery solution that improves data visibility and accessibility across your organization.

Want to hire a technical specialist?

With expertise in hiring infrastructure,  hydraulic modelers, and GIS speciality talent, Modeling Experts, can help your organization direct-hire experienced professionals to join your team and enhance collaboration and efficiency. 

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