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Data Capture, Acquisition and Development

Transforming data into useful knowledge, information, and facts

Before getting the true value of the system results, data plays a key role towards the accuracy of your analysis.

Modeling Experts identifies the Geographic Information System (GIS) data content that your organization needs.

Data as being always, the base factor for business, to store, retrieve, analyze, and then visualize the results to better get more insight about the reality, acquiring the knowledge and making the right decisions.

The speed of getting the most accurate, up-to-date data with ease-of-access for sharing, collaborating, and publishing is the biggest challenge for all companies without exclusion.


Data is becoming huge in content and size, and the term “Big Data”, is becoming a norm for the information technology industry.

Geospatial data (geodata or GIS data) is very vital for many industries, hence the main goal is to help publish open geospatial data for organizations and provide the ability and accessibility for searching, sharing, and access to everyone.
Cost-effective solutions.

Modeling Experts build tools, provide technical consultation, data acquisition, projects implementations, and streamlining processes in the area of geospatial data capturing, geospatial data models, and data acquisition techniques such as digitizing, global positioning system (GPS), remote sensing, and geocoding.

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